The Talking Skull is a skull that appears in "Death in Bloom," at the River of Forgetfulness in the Land of the Dead. When Jake goes to get a drink from the river, the Talking Skull says to drink. Finn says the water must be bad since the skull wants him to drink it. The Talking Skull responds by saying, "Don't drink the water," which tricks Jake into drinking from it, causing him to lose his memory. Finn then stomps on the skull, smashing the skull to pieces. Part of his remains stick to Finn's foot for a little while.


  • It is unknown if he was undead and now deceased, or if it is still "alive" after Finn stomps on him.


Yes, drink the water.

—"Death in Bloom"

Don't drink the water.

—"Death in Bloom"

Tricked again by the River of Forgetfulness!

—"Death in Bloom"


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