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Wouldn't we include this article on the unreleased category?Afliador8 00:28, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

That would imply that it will get released at some point. Shinxf e l in o e lScraft. 00:36, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

As a practicioner of Tarot reading for many years, I wanted to mention that the King of the Vampires is (at least almost 96% most likely) DEFINITELY based on a Tarot card too as his peers are: He pays allusion to the WHEEL OF FORTUNE card, and/or THE WORLD. There's several reasons I think should be added to this post as they are strong aspects of his character:

First, the animals that are symbolically depicted on the Wheel of F. and on the World Rider Waite Tarot deck traditional imagery are: The Eagle, The Bull, The Lion, and The Snake. There usually is also a human Sphinx, and/or an angel too. The King is composed of many body parts nearly from most of these creatures and one can take the constant...hanging out he does with a cow to represent the Bull at his side. The King transforms into a Lion when his essence is removed as well.

Secondly, The World and The Wheel of Fortune background art are both filled by lots of clouds. At one point the King gives a dramatic eccentric speech about who he is and what he wishes to no longer be, by flying into the sky and sits for a long time among the clouds of the sky. While doing this, at some point dialogue that includes mention of being The Wheel of Fortune himself, or Destiny, (...or something like that?) is spoken by him (in a very cleverly subtle) absurd way.

Third, the meaning of the Wheel and World cards, represents Destiny and you can definitely see how for Marceline such a thing is important deal. The Wheel is more about random chance and luck, while the World's meaning is a bit heavier, and is more about reaching the pinnacle of one's fate, all loose ends in a story being finally ended and resolved or things coming to a conclusion where one has grown, learned wisdom, or conquered some obstacle...

The Wheel speaks to us about how all things can be both a curse or a blessing in disguse; good luck can mask dark things and vice versa, so we need to keep eyes open on the horizon and take whatever random gift life is about to throw us. Marceline's vampirism comes with awesome cool powers but at a hefty cost for her morality and her ability to see the sun, in the same way her decision to render herself mortal has both its unforseen benefits and cons. Her attitude towards battling the King during her first battle is to not heed his warnings or the risks he is posing, but to confidentaly charge headfirst blindly, and to take whatever luck hands her, unaware how this fight will forever alter her destiny. When she challenges him again, it is with a lot more wisdom, but she feels when his true form he has emerged all things have come to an end. It is too late, the story is over, you cannot fight this fate. But after Ice King has accidentally convinced her to take Cloud!VampireKing on again, she saves the day, and regains back her vampiric curse and immortality. All the loose threads of this story, as well as the many stories leading up to this point- (Bonnbell regaining control of her kingdom, King of Ooo being usurped, Flame Princess proves that she still has an alliance, Marceline and PB's bond being more deeply rekindled...) And many other of the fans' questions about her and Simon's backstory have been filled in as well. All of this has been triggered by the events set in motion by the King of the Vampire's very first appearance.

I really hope somebody might take these notes into consideration and update this post soon! :)

Snood88 (talk) 03:11, November 22, 2015 (UTC)

First of all this is a wiki, if you see something to edit you edit it.
Secondly, interesting... the only things I had to disagree with this was that he had nothing to do with eagles or bulls but... he was eating and dancing with that cow and his feet were bird feet for some unknown reason so this may be a stretch but seems interesting.
Thirdly... ehhh... this seems speculative... what does anyone else think? ƒelinoel (Talk) 45px-Wikia_Logo.svg.png 06:47, November 22, 2015 (UTC)

in the section under powers and abilities, "reality warping power" it says that the hotdogs turning into "squid-like creatures" is a product of that "power" when in reality they were smashed and turned into hotdog squids. hotdog squids are something that people make by slicing hotdogs from the bottom up to the middle and when you cook them they curl like a squid, like shown in this picture in the link   

Rickystyx (talk) 01:44, January 26, 2016 (UTC)

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