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Lich king newdesign

This guy returns....I know it...

Too many space

in article is too many spaces betwen headings, i cant fix it because its locked for me yet (im not autoconfirmed), please fix. --Nicholas1010M (talk) 19:16, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

Roger Rabbit Reference?

As you can see in the preview and the promo art, Jake turns into a car. This "Jake-Car" reminds me an awful lot of Benny the Cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? What do you guys think? BNSF1995, Alive since 1995 22:21, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Episode aired

The episode just aired. Maybe... add some info? • boring signature is boring 23:51, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

This is not a place to discuss the episode

Please go to the Forums to discuss the episode.

The talk pages are for improvements and discussion of the articles content, not the subject. -- Bunai82 (talk) 03:38, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

Forum:The Lich (episode) ← Please go to the forums to discuss the episodes.

Billy's Dog?

In the dream part of the episode, white dogs are there. Can that be Billy's Dog? Should we put it in the characters list for the wikipage? 12:40, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

How does that make sense? How can the four white dogs be one dog? Jords1234 (talk) 06:26, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Removing junk from the talk page.

Does anyone mind if I remove all your junk from the talk page? Talk pages are for talking about the article, not what the article is about. If you wanna talk about the episode click here. I'm just gonna remove it all if no one says anything. • boring signature is boring 22:57, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Please do. These talk pages are becoming more and more littered by speculation before the episode airs, speculation about future episodes after, how people feel about the episode, and other useless junk such as the pictures of God knows what at topic #7 on this page. That same topic has the summary of several plots of previous episodes. I can't imagine why that was written here. FearTheMedia (talk) 06:57, October 24, 2012 (UTC)
This wiki does not remove anything from talk pages. It is annoying that people don't listen and keep trying to start what should be forum posts in article talk pages, but c'est la vie. In any case, if anyone was going to remove posts from talk pages, it would be an administrator; so, no, don't remove anything. Lailoken (Talk) 01:51, October 25, 2012 (UTC)
Well someone already did that, so........ • boring signature is boring 22:57, October 25, 2012 (UTC) EDIT: nevermind, that was an admin. Nevermind. • boring signature is boring 22:58, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Elven writing

As noted in the trivia, there's some writing on the inside of the panel that is on the Enchiridion's cover which resembles the elven writing invented by Tolkien. Being a huge nerd, I attempted to translate it using a few ciphers on the internet; however, it seems to just be gibberish. The first letter of the second word doesn't even exist as far as I can tell. It seems like such a great opportunity for a hidden message, but if it is one then I couldn't figure it out. Lailoken (Talk) 19:34, October 27, 2012 (UTC)

Page blanked

Sorry for blanking the page; it was an accident. My editor's deficient. ——RootSwordRoot sword(wall) 00:28, October 28, 2012 (UTC)

Finn's facial cut?

I don't think the fact that there was no cut on Finn's face when he followed Jake into the dimensional portal is necessarily an error. Recall than in "Hot to the Touch," the hand-burn he received when Flame Princess slapped him quickly vanished after he angrily yelled at and slapped Jake for calling her "evil." Finn was even more enraged after realizing that the Lich had tricked him, and this may have had a similar effect on his cut. -- Glenn L (talk) 09:13, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

This is an animation error, because it disappeared for a moment and then reappeared. The cut didn't heal. CutonthecheekKasumisty (talk) 12:14, October 29, 2012 (UTC)Kasumisty

Gotcha. The error is now better described. -- Glenn L (talk) 22:54, October 29, 2012 (UTC)


Hey Adventures! Where it says '"Billy"' shouldnt that lead to Billys page? Not the Lich's....RainbowPiggy (talk) 19:18, October 29, 2012 (UTC)RainbowPiggy<3

I linked the Billy in Finn's dream (start of the Plot) to Billy's page. The Billy Finn visits in the episode is possessed by the Lich, hence that link. Sorry for the confusion. -- Glenn L (talk) 22:51, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

Farmworld and Back in Time...?

Hi, it's me again. I just wanted to ask, why are people calling the alternate dimension "Farmworld"? Is it really what it's called? I mean, you shouldn't put that there until you have no source. Also, people have been saying that Finn and Jake were traveled back in time and that they got it from THIS wiki, so. Can anyone clear those up for me?Flameprincess45 (talk) 07:05, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

'Farmworld' is an official name used by Frederator; We don't know what happened to them yet. Kasumisty (talk) 07:11, October 30, 2012 (UTC)Kasumisty

Oh, thanks. I was just confused. :)Flameprincess45 (talk) 09:04, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

You are welcome! Kasumisty (talk) 09:48, October 30, 2012 (UTC)Kasumisty

Don't know if it's significant, but the Farmworld locale appears to be called "Junk Town." Not a flattering name. -- Glenn L (talk) 04:31, November 13, 2012 (UTC)


Are we going to put up a transcript anytime soon for this episode?---J_the_Man has spoken! 22:13, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

Oh my god....

People, look at this. MIND=BLOWN. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~

It would make sense, but comparing the text in the image he's referring to and the text in the episode, they don't completely match. There are extra letters and missing letters. Maybe it was meant to be "one ring to rule them all," but they just didn't copy it exactly. Lailoken (Talk) 03:32, November 8, 2012 (UTC)

Portal Video Game Reference?

The portal used to travel between universes in the episode is similar in appearance to the blue portals from the video game "Portal" by Valve. I just thought it would be interesting to note in the trivia section. 03:16, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

The problem I always have with these vague pop-culture references is rarely are the suggested "sources" the actual source of an idea. Portal didn't invent portals, so the question becomes was AT referencing the game Portal or were they referencing some movie from the 80's or were they referencing a comic book? etc. etc. They may not even be directly referencing anything since the idea of a portal is common enough. Lailoken (Talk) 03:45, November 13, 2012 (UTC)


When Billy talk to Finn about the Enchiridion and says "this book is really important, it has magical powers", you can look at the back cover or the Enchiridion, and if you look closely, you can read "8,13,21". I think it means something.

As far as anyone has been able to determine, it's this: wikipedia:Fibonacci number Lailoken (Talk) 06:12, December 7, 2012 (UTC)


In the show, there have been episodes that had the exact same name as a character (or in some cases, an object). Here is a list:

However, there seems to be inconsistancy - some episodes (Goliad, Princess Monster Wife, James Baxter the Horse) don't have the "— (episode)" suffix after them, while other (The Lich, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Donny,Susan Strong, Heat Signature, Gut Grinder) do.

My question is whether such episodes should feature the suffix after their name? TheMostBoringManInTheWorld (talk) 03:30, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Dragon Ball

I think there is a clear Dragon Ball reference not caught by other users. Most part of the episode revolves around searching for jewels/items that once gathered allows the characters to turn a wish real. Also, once the portal is closed all the jewels fly away much like the dragon balls. Galdaran (talk) 00:54, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

Emerald Princess's Gem

Emerald Princess's gem was not an error. Her gem was already in jake's pouch and the gem with the ring was a different gem.

--Oak the Ant (talk) 07:58, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

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