Tail Tufts is a gender-swapped version of Tree Trunks.

Little is known about Tail Tufts, but in the theme song in the episode "Fionna and Cake," he is shown briefly in the Candy Kingdom.

He later appears in the second gender-swapped episode, "Bad Little Boy," at Lumpy Space Prince's party, trying to impress Ms. Pig by playing five finger fillet with a spoon. Ms. Pig watches excitedly, but when he hits his trunk with the spoon, they are both startled.


Tail Tufts is seen with a gray mustache and a green, translucent visor. He has a few wrinkles on his trunk, implying that he is old, like his female counterpart. He also wears a bright blue ribbon on his tail. He has thicker eyebrows than Tree Trunks.


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