Taddle is one of the three tart burglars in the Desert of Doom who appear in "The Other Tarts." He and his compatriots, Grimby and JJ, steal some of the (poisoned) royal tarts from Finn and Jake. They are last seen escaping into the desert. Presumably, they become paralyzed; however, Taddle was later seen unharmed in "Ocarina," meaning that he either didn't eat any of the tarts or found an antidote.

Taddle and Grimby look as if they are the same species. Before they steal Finn's tarts, Taddle tells Grimby not to burn their single bean.


Taddle sits by the campfire to be sure Grimby does not burn their bean and seems to listen to him without question.


Taddle has a pterodactyl-like head with bandages wrapped around the back of it and down his neck. His body is humanoid, and he has green skin and tattered dirty-orange shorts. Considering he is a hobo, Taddle is pretty fat.


Don't-don't-don't burn it now, Grimby...

But how come J.J. gets to hold it, Grimby?

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