Syrup Guards are Breakfast People who guard the Breakfast Kingdom and Breakfast Princess. The Syrup Guards appear in a pair in the episode "Princess Day," where Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess try to prank Breakfast Princess. During that episode, one gets its syrup sucked out by Marceline and then kicked several times by Lumpy Space Princess, while the other gets grapefruit squirted in its eye by Lumpy Space Princess and then falls a few stories when Marceline scares him out of a window. As revealed in "Princess Day," one of them is named Jerry.


The Syrup Guards are dull brown. They take the shape of a maple syrup bottle with a rounded body and a red cap on their heads. They also have a maple leaf label on their chests and a small handle on the left side of their heads.



As hinted from their names, the Syrup Guards' primary purpose is act as guards in the Breakfast Kingdom. One was seen in the Kingdom guarding Breakfast Princess' room. 


The Syrup Guards seem to be as incompetent as the Banana Guards. They are shown to be weak and unfocused: Lumpy Space Princess floats right in front of one without being noticed. They are also easily scared and inattentive.


I'll get you, you giggling girls! After my eyesight recovers.

—"Princess Day"

Ohh, it smells like grapefruit in here.

—"Princess Day"

Jerry, what happened to you?

—"Princess Day"


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