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Sweet Pig-Trunks, usually called Sweet P for short, is the "rebooted" form of the Lich who was created in "Escape From the Citadel", After being splashed with the Citadel Guardian's healing blood, the Lich grew fresh organs and skin, causing him to take the form of a giant baby with almost no recollection of his previous form. Shortly thereafter, he was delivered to Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig, who adopted him and gave him his new name.

Physical Appearance[]

Like the Lich, Sweet P towers over most other characters. While he still retained the Lich's horns, with the one on the right being broken, they're covered with his new skin. After the events of "Skyhooks II", his right horn has grown to its full, unbroken form, though it is still covered with skin. As shown during his transformation from his Lich form, Sweet P has green eyes.

After being adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig, he had received multiple new outfits and clothing. In "Jake the Brick", he wears one-piece footed blue pajamas with red polka dots. In "Gold Stars", he wears an apple-green shirt with a red apple on the front, with matching shoes, shorts, and a matching hat, all knitted by Tree Trunks, although the shirt seemed to be too small, as it exposed his stomach. In "Be Sweet", Sweet P wears a different set of pajamas, which are two-piece, light blue in color, and striped.

In the scenes of "Come Along With Me" set a thousand years in the future, Sweet P as an adult is shown to be roughly taller than Mount Cragdor with his short hair now grown at least midway down his back and his bangs covering his eyes. He has a fully-grown mustache and waist-length beard. He wears pale yellow pants with a single diagonal pale red suspender strap clipped to the right side of his pants and wrapped around his left shoulder, where a scabbard for the Night Sword hangs from his back. His boots are similar to the shoes he wore as a child, minus the apple décor and with crossed black laces.


Unlike the Lich, Sweet P has a very kind and childlike personality. Upon meeting his adoptive parents for the first time, he happily says "Hello!" In "Gold Stars," he helps a squirrel get its head unstuck from a jar. In the same episode, his kindness and naivety allowed him to be overly trusting and easily manipulated by the King of Ooo and Toronto.

At first, Sweet P is frequently upset by others who are mean to him, being brought to tears after being bullied at school and when King of Ooo and Toronto threatened to burn down his mother's orchard. He would also be tormented by visions of the Lich in his dreams.[1][2] Eventually, with help from Finn, he learned to overcome these insecurities and triumph over the Lich's influence.[2] Later, in "Come Along With Me," he was shown being protective of his parents as the Cake People Mutant began roaming Ooo. His appearance in 1000+ Ooo suggests that he was able to maintain this heroic nature, as he is seen with a giant version of Finn's Night Sword.


Normally, Sweet P doesn't appear to have any apparent supernatural abilities. However, the Lich is able to briefly take control of him in certain situations, though this is rare.

S6e26 Lich-possessed Sweet P breathing gaseous death

Sweet P under the influence of the Lich

When threatened and cornered in "Gold Stars," the Lich spoke for him and unleashed a cloud of black smoke, similar to what he used to kill Prismo in "Wake Up," though it appeared to be nonlethal to King of Ooo and Toronto in this instance.

Due to his large size, he is rather strong and was apparently able to knock Fern unconscious.

Sweet P receives visions of past lives in the form of dreams. He frequently has nightmares involving the Lich, to the point of stating that it's the only dream he ever has.[1][2] In "Be Sweet", he recalls his past life as a Catalyst Comet, and was able to predict the next comet's arrival.

In "Skyhooks", he appears to be immune to elemental magic (fire, ice, candy, and slime).

In "Whispers", Sweet P uses Finn's small sword to vanquish the Lich in his Farmworld Jake hand form. His future inheritance of the Night Sword suggests that he eventually became skilled enough at sword-fighting to wield one as his main weapon, similar to Finn.


Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig[]

Sweet P has a good relationship with his parents. He is shown happily hugging them before leaving for his first day of school, and protects them during GOLB's invasion in "Come Along With Me."

S6e26 Sweet P hugging his parents

Sweet P hugging his parents

The couple is supportive of his academic life, encouraging him by placing gold stars they believed he earned at school on the fridge and attending his class's graduation. Due to his large size, they are often seen as having to cook large quantities of food for him.

Finn and Jake[]

While the Lich is a sworn enemy of Finn and Jake's, Sweet P is a close friend they try to protect. When Sweet P was first "born" in "Escape From the Citadel," Finn and Jake were the ones to bring him to Tree Trunks' house.

S6e2 Jake holding baby Lich

Jake introducing Finn to the newborn Sweet P

Jake also mentions that Sweet P "smells real nice" and that he "likes [Sweet P] a lot." The two also escorted Sweet P to his first day of school. In "Whispers," Finn defends Sweet P from the Lich, and talks with him about his own father.

The Lich[]

Sweet P doesn't seem to retain any knowledge of who he was as the Lich. Any visions of and possessions by the Lich he receives are regarded as simply bad dreams, Still, these dreams are frightening to the young Sweet P, and cause him to wake up screaming in "Gold Stars."

S8e27 Beast, obey me!

Sweet P confronting the Lich

After the events of "Crossover," in which the hand of the Lich's Farmworld form was transported to Ooo, the Lich found his way to Sweet P to try and coax him further to the side of evil. With some help from Finn, Sweet P is able to gather enough courage to stand up to the Lich and reject his influence, solidifying his status as a good-natured hero.


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