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The Swampy Planet is a futuristic, swamp-based planet that is located in a far away galaxy. In the episode "Orgalorg," Orgalorg contacts the planet and tells them that he is still alive, causing the screams of the citizens to echo to him all the way back to Earth.

Notable Inhabitants[]



When Orgalorg (Gunter) shot his signal beam into space, it was revealed that the planet that he was messaging was in a far off galaxy surrounded by light-blue fog. Unfortunately the cuts made in between the scenes that this galaxy is shown don't give us a good enough idea of how far away this galaxy actually is.

Neighboring Planets[]


The Swamp Planet is surrounded by a cluster of planets of various colors and sizes. These include a planet colored like Mars, a desert-colored planet, a light-blue colored planet, a small blue planet, a small grayish-blue planet, a small purple planet, and a small yellow planet. Only a small handful of those planets glow.

Surface appearance[]

Giant Swamp[]


As the planet's name suggests, we see a giant, surprisingly open swamp, on which the citizens travel on boats. Here they were able to see the planet get enveloped by the light of Orgalorg's signal.

Town Haul[]


The Town Haul appears to be the place where all of the citizens gathered after seeing the signal Th at Orgalorg has broadcasted. Hear the Elders explained who Orgalorg was and his history. Despite being an indoors facility, it is surprisingly open.



Throughout the planet's screen time, we are able to see heaps and heaps of Alien vegetation. Most of it is clustered, so it's hard to make out some of the plant's exact appearance. However; from the plants that are uncluttered, they appear to be larger versions of plants that we have on earth, except with different colors.


  • The planet appears to have discovered hover-technology.