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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the episode or the character.

2021 Music Hole Award Nomination
SilverMusic.png This article was nominated in the 2021 Music Hole Awards. It was nominated for the following category: Best Season 1+2 Song. However, it didn't win.

"Susan Strong" is a song performed by Finn to Susan (with accompaniment by Jake) in the episode "Susan Strong." It was written by storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar.


Susan Strong,
This is where you belong.
Hangin' with me
On a fallen tree.
Don't you think you deserve this?
To live up here on the surface?
I think you do,
And I think all your friends do, too!
How long have you lived in the darkness?
I just want to show you the light!
Because you're a human, just like me, Susan,
And I want you in my life.
Susan Strong,
You turn my heart on.

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