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The Super Porp Factory was an underground discrete factory which was situated near Beautopia (underneath the Grass Lands). The factory was run by Cheryl who is also the Super Porp Mascot. The facility first appeared in "Dark Purple," where it was revealed that the facility was the manufacturing place for all Super Porp sodas throughout the Land of Ooo.

However, in the episode "Dark Purple," Cheryl (factory owner/mascot) was killed by Susan Strong, and the factory workers were ordered by Susan (wearing Cheryl's mask) to destroy the factory. Ever since then, production has been slow and poor, the drones don't function well, and the soda does not taste good according to Jake.


The Super Porp Factory was located next to Beautopia (underneath the Grass Lands) and was a building which was built coming out of the water. It was shaped as a cube and had many entry points for drones. It also had a logo built on top of the structure with two big purple letters "SP" which stood for Super Porp.

Inside, the factory had a Super Porp fountain and many production units where workers produced the Super Porp Soda. It also had an office for Cheryl.



Drones are used by the factory to transport Super Porp throughout Ooo. However, due to the events in "Dark Purple," the drones do not function well and transport bad Super Porp Sodas.

In secret the drones were also used to spy on civilians and scan them to check for a match to run the factory after Cheryl.



The Workers were Super Porp People who helped produce Super Porp in the factory. They were also under strict rules by Cheryl. During production, they were forbidden to taste the Super Porp and are also very loyal to Cheryl as they obey her and keep the factory safe from intruders.