Super Porp is a brand of grape-flavored soda which has existed since before the Mushroom War. In "Dark Purple," it is distributed to various vending machines around Ooo from an underground factory. After the death of Cheryl, the quality of the drink has gone down.


The can of Super Porp is shaped like a normal beverage can. It is gray and purple with a picture of a bunch of grapes on it, indicating its flavor, as well as a small lighter-colored spot.


The only known facility that produces the soft drink is the Super Porp Factory. It is deep underground and seems to be located near Beautopia. The factory is operated by several Super Porp people and is guarded by a monstrous Super Porp dog. The workers are responsible for making pure "Porp syrup" by constantly stirring the mixture in huge vats. Others work on packaging the soda in cardboard boxes for shipment. The drinks are then distributed to vending machines around the Land of Ooo by unmanned, flying drones.

Although little is known about the creation of Super Porp, it would appear that the grape tastes good as Finn and Jake are big fans of the soft drink. This is to the point that they impatiently wait near a vending machine every month to be the first ones to drink from each shipment. In addition, Marceline also used to consume the drink regularly as a child. It is possible that the drink also possesses some addictive qualities. This is likely due to the "Porp syrup" that the soda is made of as many of the workers in the Super Porp factory were willing to attack others just for a taste.


There is a fairly high brand awareness of Super Porp primarily due to the fact that they have been in production for hundreds of years. The soft drink can also be easily obtained, seemingly for free, from vending machines throughout Ooo. Some, such as Jake and the Hyooman tribe, even have monthly celebrations on the days that the drinks are distributed to their local dispensers.

Another factor that contributes to the successful marketing of Super Porp is the existence of the company's high mascot Cheryl. She is a purple-skinned woman who is featured prominently on the vending machines throughout Ooo. This along with her cheerful and friendly demeanor grants her the affection of many customers in the Land of Ooo.

The soda is also well known for its jingle. It has been in use in commercials since Marceline was a child as she was able to recall it after several hundred years. Despite its age, the jingle is known by the current generation living in Ooo such as Finn and Jake.


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