The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Super Guts Punch 3 is a side-scrolling game that was put on BMO by "Ewlbo" in order to infect him with a computer virus. It has up to three players. The players control plumbers who have to rescue a prince from ninjas. However, they get shrunken down and stuck inside the prince and must fight his guts. According to an old magazine article read by Finn, the enemies are supposed to be very difficult to beat. However, due to the virus, most of the enemies could be taken out with one hit.


  • The levels in Super Guts Punch 3 are inspired by classic side-scrolling games including Super Mario Bros., Q-Bert, Pitfall!, Donkey Kong, and Excitebike.
  • When Lumpy Space Princess tries to join the game as a fourth player, she gets turned into a pillar in the background of the first level.
  • According to the text at the bottom of the page, it is the best game in the franchise, whereas Super Guts Punch 2 "was a divisive entry in the Super Guts Punch canon".
  • Levels one to three are named "Teethopolis", "Tongue Hill Zone", and "Uvula Point". The first two are references to the Sonic the Hedgehog levels "Metropolis Zone" and "Green Hill Zone". The fourth level is a boss fight against the Saliva Gland and his Saliva Band.
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