Super Good Boys is a two-player video game that Finn and Jake play on BMO in "Five More Short Graybles." The players control two humanoid beings in a messy room. The game is not explored in depth, but the goal is apparently to clean up the house.


Like Guardians of Sunshine, Super Good Boys is displayed completely in shades of green. The two characters stand in a room with a crooked picture on the wall and an overturned vase of flowers on the floor. In the background is a rug in the middle, an armchair in the corner, and a nightstand on the wall near the door. The dog, who appears with the two characters on the title screen, merely sits in the background. In the bottom left corner of the screen are two bars labeled "HP" (presumably standing for "Hit Points") and "LP." In the bottom right corner is what appears to be the players' inventory, which is empty except for an acorn. In the top right corner is the word "Living Room."


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