Super Freak only appears in the episode "Freak City." It is a creature formed from the freaks Kim, Zap, Wee Wee, Gorflax, Gork, Trudy, and Finn. Jake later joins, as he wanted to help. Kim and Finn are feet, Trudy is the waist, Gorflax and Wee Wee are ears, Gork is the head, Zap is an arm, and Jake is their pants.

After they are restored to their original forms, Finn and Jake do not stay as a part of Super Freak, but all the others do.

Not much is known about their potential, but it is known that Zap, as the arm, is strong enough to push back Magic Man with a single punch. Finn and Kim, as the legs, have power to make Super Freak jump very high. Gork possesses the ability to vomit a fiery substance resembling lava, making Super Freak quite a strong adversary.


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