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This article is about the play. You may be looking for the episode.

Summer Showers is a play seen in the episode of the same name.


Miranda Hobson lives in Eng-land (the in-series version of England) with her trusty butler, Chelmsford. She is unvisited for months, and is suddenly visited by two old flames on the same rainy day! She must choose between her childhood friend, "Nigel Cramforth", and a more recent acquaintance, "Wilfrid".[1]

Characters and their actors

Miranda Hobson:

Nigel Cramforth:

Chelmsford (butler):


Special effects:


The full play is never seen and acts one and two aren't complete. These are only the lines seen in the episode. Audition line:

  • Miranda Hobson: Time... is a slippery devil. Our lives are sudden. They come and go like... like a summer shower.

Act One:

  • Miranda Hobson: I do hope that Nigel had no trouble at Chelmsyhead Station. There are never any taxi cabs to be found.
  • Chelmsford: Mr. Cramforth will be drenched if he walks to the cottage from the station.
  • Miranda Hobson: Poor suffering Nigel! But he is so awfully amusing.
  • Nigel Cramforth: (enters) Coming down like cats and dogs. Reminds me of the rain we had when the mother was still alive.
  • Miranda Hobson: It's so good to see you, Nigel. Let Chelmsford take your overcoat.
  • Nigel Cramforth: Very well.

Act Two:

  • Nigel Cramforth: How lovely you looked this afternoon Miranda Hobson.
  • Miranda Hobson: Oh, Nigel! You've always made me smile, even when we met, as children at the badminton tournament. You were such a mischievous little boy... and you still are. (Kisses Nigel)
  • Nigel Cramforth: (Yawns) I admit I feel quite sleepy! (goes to sleep)
  • Miranda Hobson: The summer showers always did affect you that way.
  • Miranda Hobson: I'll let him rest. After all, the rain can't last forever. (Telephone rings) Yes, hello. Miranda Hobson speaking.
  • Wilfrid: Yes, Ms. Hobson, you won't remember me, but my name is Wilfrid. We met in April at the Chestnut Festival at St. Margaret's School. I'm between trains and I thought I might drop by.
  • Miranda Hobson: No visitors to Bulkley Cottage all season, and now two in one day!

Unknown Act:

  • Miranda Hobson: I can't believe this is our last summer here. But everything changes, I suppose.
  • Nigel Cramforth: Oh, one thing hasn't changed... you've never looked lovelier, Miranda Hobson.

Unknown Act:

  • Miranda Hobson: How long have we been sitting here on the couch, Wilfrid?
  • Wilfrid: Ages and ages. But not nearly long enough.

Final Scene:

  • Miranda Hobson: One looks for a little brightness to warm the days. I thought that Nigel Cramforth had that brightness. But now I see that doesn't matter. For you have a different kind of brightness... A kindness that will always make the cold ham and bitter rain of Eng-land seem like hot tea, and sweet strawberry jam, and summer showers.


  1. This is an inferred paragraph, based on the contents of the episode; however, this synopsis wasn't stated in the episode