Strudel Princess is a princess who appears in the episode "Princess Day." She is Breakfast Princess' younger sister. She also briefly appears in "The Cooler" on one of Princess Bubblegum's surveillance monitors.


She is a strudel with a zig-zag line of frosting. She wears a light-blue and white dress and blue shoes. Her crown is a light-blue gem on a gold cube. She speaks in random sentences off the top of her head, just like an actual little girl. Despite this, she was actually able to successfully run the remainder of the Princess Day conference and take over as the new ruler of the Breakfast Kingdom in the absence of Breakfast Princess during the episode "Princess Day."


At Princess Day, Strudel Princess was shown with a positive attitude and wished everyone a happy Princess Day. Strudel Princess looks and acts quite different from her sisters. She is possibly the youngest of the three and, as such, isn't given many royal duties. Since she appears to still be a child and with few duties, she appears very happy and carefree.

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