The Strawberry Guard is a Wildberry Person in charge of enforcing rules in the streets of the Wildberry Kingdom. In the episode "Furniture & Meat," he reprimands Finn and Jake for getting in the public fountain, informing them that their behavior is punishable by a lashing. He leaves after Jake bribes him with three coins and a crown. When Finn and Jake bring furniture and meat into the fountain, he returns, complaining that they will ruin the water. After Jake bribes him again, he comes back a third time when Jake pays a Wildberry Person to dance in the streets without a permit, but he looks the other way once again when Jake offers him more treasure. At Finn and Jake's execution, he stands beside Wildberry Princess and accidentally gets covered in molten gold and is most likely killed in the process.


The Strawberry Guard has a brown mustache and carries a spear similar to the Wildberry Guards'.


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