Stranson Doughblow made his first appearance in "Wizards Only, Fools." He is interrogated by the Wizard City police outside of Ron James's Spell Palace. He is charged with impersonating a wizard and purchasing items from the Spell Palace. He pleads with the guards by saying he knows a few coin tricks, to try to verify that he is a wizard. He is then transformed into a hollowed-out wooden cane that the police use as weapons. Later in the episode "Betty," the staff of Stranson Doughblow is required to give the being of anti-magic Bella Noche full power and is placed on the ground around Bella along with a sword, an orb, and a goblet.


Before he is turned into a hollowed out wooden cane, Stranson was a light-blue humanoid with large ears. He had large, circular eyes and a thin nose. He wore a wizard disguise consisting of a dark-purple robe and a fake gray beard.


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