Stormo is a character who first appeared in "Goliad." He is made by Princess Bubblegum out of Finn's DNA to create a candy sphinx that could rival Goliad. It is not clear whether she used her own DNA in the creation, too. Stormo immediately engages Goliad in combat after being introduced. When Goliad offers to Stormo as her brother that they should rule together, he makes a bird noise befitting of his beaked mouth. The two then begin a mental battle, which Princess Bubblegum estimates to last for all eternity. Finn's DNA is what makes Stormo heroic.

Stormo briefly appears in background shots of "Princess Cookie" and "Come Along With Me", still locked in mental combat with Goliad.


Stormo is a white griffin. Like Goliad, he is a quadruped and has a feline-like body and a third eye in the middle of his forehead. However, unlike Goliad, Stormo has a noticeably birdlike head, complete with a beak. He has a slender white tail with a yellow sphere on the tip. He has a long blond mane that is reminiscent of Finn's hair.


Princess Bubblegum notes that Stormo has the same psychic powers as Goliad, and the two are perfectly matched. This means he is capable of mind control, telekinesis, reanimation, and likely other feats. He also inherited Finn's heroic qualities, and will not hesitate to save people or sacrifice himself to stop villains.




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