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Season 1

Princess? It's me, Starchie the Grave Digger. I brought you a larger corpse shovel. Princess? Well, I'll just wait for you here then, by the mausoleum, with my back turned and my defenses lowered.

—"Slumber Party Panic"

I can't help it; flesh is delicious!

—"Slumber Party Panic"

Oh, oh, don't squeeze me; I'll fart! [farts]

—"Slumber Party Panic"

Starchie's feeling healthy again! A bit too healthy if you ask me.

—"What Have You Done?"

Season 2

Starchie's a Beelzebub.

—"Susan Strong"

Season 3


—"Too Young"

Yeah, right. If Starchie survives that long.

—"Too Young"

Oh my, that's a lot of zombies down there. Starchie's glad he's up here. Doo dee doo doo doo doo—[gets carried away by flying zombie] Dang it!

—"From Bad to Worse"

Season 4

In your dreams, you freak!

—"You Made Me"

Season 5

Starchie only takes magic!

—"Wizards Only, Fools"

Princess, you're being really disrespectful of my beliefs.

—"Wizards Only, Fools"

Cough,cough. Boy, that's some smelly.

—"Billy's Bucket List"

Season 6

I officially call this meeting of the Veritas Brigade to order. Lux in Tenebris


Whoa! This is some good stuff. We are finally this close to exposing the Princess' shady dealings. Meanwhile, PB remains blissfully unaware up in her ivory tower.


Whoa, Kenny boy, you're blowing my mind.


Hey Peace Master, Ohh! My noodle.


It's all cool, Peace Master. Truth Sleuths keep it real.


Oh, this is a mistake. That's my boy Peppermint Butler.


You can't do that to our friend!


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