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Starchy (sometimes referred to as Starchie or C3591-F in Graybles 1000+) is the Candy Kingdom's residential gravedigger. He first appears in "Slumber Party Panic," in which he is frightened by a Candy Zombie and suddenly explodes while delivering a larger corpse shovel to Princess Bubblegum. He was later revived by the decorpsinator serum.

As revealed in "Graybles 1000+," Starchy faked his own death to escape from the Candy Kingdom during the events of "Jake The Brick." The storyboard of the former implies that he was cloned, as his gravestone reads "In memorium of Starchy 1, eaten by a Grass Lard. He loved to walk," meaning the Starchy that appears in episodes taking place after "Jake The Brick" isn't the original one. However the new cloned Starchy seems to contain the memories of the original Starchy.

Starchy was briefly married to Cherry Cream Soda, who was attempting to get over the death of her recently deceased husband Root Beer Guy, but upon his resurrection as Dirt Beer Guy, Starchy was immediately threatened and tried to re-bury the zombie. Cherry Cream Soda was appalled by this and left him, deciding to date Dirt Beer Guy and get to know him again.

In addition to grave digging, Starchy also appears to work a variety of jobs in the Candy Kingdom, such as mailman, janitor and train conductor. He also explores his superstitious, conspiracy-seeking nature through activities such as his late-night radio call-in show "Graveyard Shift", which aired its fifth anniversary special during the events of "Blank-Eyed Girl," and his leading of the Veritas Brigade, a group that seeks to uncover the dark secrets and activities of Princess Bubblegum, whom he distrusts. He repeatedly attempts to uncover untoward activities by her (though correctly guessing she was replaced by a lizard replicant), faking his own death, and voting for the King of Ooo in the princess election.


Starchy resembles a chocolate malt ball. He has a long, thick brown mustache and wears a blue janitor's hat. Unlike most Adventure Time characters', Starchy's eyes appear to be perfect circles. Starchy is also one of a few characters to have eyebrows.


Starchy is a very superstitious individual as he has a strong belief in magic and the paranormal. His devotion to magic is seen in "Wizards Only, Fools," where he gets a cold and stubbornly refuses Princess Bubblegum's cold medicine, demanding magical treatment instead. When Princess Bubblegum openly denounces magic, calling it "scientific principles presented like mystical hoo-doo," Starchy becomes very upset and begins to cry. In "We Fixed a Truck," Starchy demonstrates his belief in paranormal activity as he is heard hosting a late-night show called Graveyard Shift that deals with "haints, phantasmagoria, and phenomena" in the Candy Kingdom. In "Blank-Eyed Girl," Finn calls into Starchy's radio show for advice on how to deal with the Blank-Eyed Girls, and Starchy offers a number of solutions corresponding to various paranormal creatures.

In "Billy's Bucket List," Starchy seems to be a fan of rap music as he attends a rap battle in the Candy Kingdom. While there, he vocally critiques the rhyming skills of Finn and Rap Bear.

In "Two Swords," he appears at the end of the episode driving a hover motorbike, which is eventually stolen by Fern.

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  • In "Slumber Party Panic," Starchy mentions he likes to eat human flesh.
  • He has been the first character to ever die in Adventure Time, as he blew up in the first episode.
    • Although he blew up while in the cemetery, he is brought to life at the end of the episode.
  • In the online Adventure Time game Legends of Ooo, Starchy changes his occupation from grave digger to a mail carrier.
  • Starchy has the uncommon affectation of referring to himself in the third person during normal speech, much like Scruffy the Janitor in Futurama,[1] and Duffman in The Simpsons.[2]
  • Since his female counterpart also has a mustache, it could be a fake one.

Names in other languages[]

  • His Italian name is Baffo
  • His Polish name is Skrobek


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