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Stanley is a character in Adventure Time who appears in the beginning of "The Jiggler" with his family. Stanley is a watermelon, and the rest of his family includes a pear, a banana, a pineapple, a sausage link, another watermelon, and four marshmallows. They live in a small house in the woods, which is revealed to be part of Veggie Village in "Death in Bloom."


Finn and Jake, while scorched and partially on fire when returning Stanley and his family to their home, say that Stanley gets into trouble often, signaling that they were, apparently, in real danger. Stanley does not interact with Finn or Jake, nor does he speak during the entire series.

Episode appearances[]

Minor appearances[]


  • In "The Jiggler," Finn draws various foods for the Jiggler. He lists Stanley as food and draws a happy face on him, which implies that Finn can distinguish Stanley from normal watermelons.
  • The sausages in Stanley's family are being cooked while Finn sings "Baby."
  • Stanley also appeared in FusionFall as a hidden character that sells Adventure Time t-shirts to the player.
  • Stanley, along with other possibly sentient food akin to him, reappears in "Death in Bloom" for the Science Conference, where it is shown that they potentially have the intelligence to create technology.
  • Curiously, one of his family members is a pineapple. This could be a reference to the FilmCow short, "Stanley and the Pineapple."
  • In "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," a character named Sheogorath mentions "Stanley, the talking grapefruit from Passwall!" which is likely a reference to Stanley the Watermelon.