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This article is about the squirrel from "Up a Tree." You may be looking for the squirrel from "The Duke."

The Squirrel first appears in the episode "Up a Tree." He forces Finn to eat an enchanted apple that shrinks him to a tiny size, but he and Finn later escape the tree together. He makes a cameo in "Jake Suit," flying past the Tree Fort on Finn's Frisbee.

He returns as a major character in "Cake the Cat",


The squirrel is a normal brown squirrel. Despite claiming to be a flying squirrel, the squirrel does not have any means of flying, such as flaps of skin under the arms to allow for gliding.


The squirrel often seems confused as he often rambles and claims certain things only to later contradict them, as seen when he claims to be a flying squirrel only to later admit he only has normal arms. He also seems to miss the obvious as he is told by the other animals to force Finn to eat the cursed apple only to be confused by the results. The squirrel also has the desire to be free and wants to fly away from the tree, but cannot because of the line, "In the tree, part of the tree," that the tree animals chant. 

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