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This article is about the squirrel in "The Duke." You may be looking for the squirrel from "Up a Tree."

The squirrel is briefly shown in "The Duke," and is known as one of Jake's enemies because Jake will not publish his letter in his newspaper column "Begs the Question." Whenever this squirrel appears on the screen, it seems that he plays the same quick-tempo song. He has a high-pitched voice. He is seen reading a newspaper article, but becomes angry when he sees that his letter was not answered. He tries to make Jake notice his letter after dropping it, but this fails when Jake just walks over it. At the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty, the squirrel, disguised as the turtle chairman of the meeting, plots to kill Jake with the help of Marquis of Nuts, who was trying to kill Finn. Jake claims not to know the squirrel at all, making him even more angry. Although the outcome of the battle was not revealed, Finn and Jake most likely won.

He appeared as a toy in "All the Little People." He returns in "Princess Potluck" where he tries on multiple occasions to hit Jake with an arrow until he succeeds at the end of the episode, again angrily screaming "You son of a bleep-blob!"

He appears again in "Hot Diggity Doom," and is now borderline feral, attacking Peppermint Butler while raving like a lunatic after being freed from a small cage by Orgalorg.

In the episode "Normal Man," he appears near the summit of Wild Trap Mountain to attack Jake. Doing so however, Jake has no recollection of who the individual is.

In "Gumbaldia", the squirrel appears to work as a spy for Gumbald, being the one who reveals Princess Bubblegum's denial of the fake treaty and the failure of Uncle Gumbald's plan.


AT squirrel

The squirrel angry and foaming at the mouth

The squirrel is red with a dark red stripe on his tail. He has a little tuft of fur at the top of his head and a larger tuft on the back of his head. He has blue eyes that turn red when he becomes angry. He will also foam at the mouth if he is angered. He also has freckles.


The squirrel has a deep-seated loathing and resentment towards Jake which stems from the dog not publishing any of his fan letters for the newspaper. His obsession drives him to violently stalk and menace Jake on several occasions. He also has a vile temper as he easily goes into a bloodthirsty rage due to Jake never being able to remember him.


You son of a Bleep-Blop!

—Squirrel's signature insult to Jake

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