Squeez-E-Mart is a convenience store in Ooo that Jake formerly frequented for the purchase of Softy Cheese in the episode "Ghost Princess." The store only has one known employee. It was at this store that Jake witnessed the death of Clarence, who ate too much Softy Cheese that it ultimately killed him. This forced Jake off the food until he was forced to confront what happened after seeing Clarence once again, with his revelation of killing Ghost Princess in his former life. Before Clarence died in the store, he said, "My life is like a fart," and then exploded.


The shop looks a lot like a modern-day store, only covered in plants and somewhat run-down. The sold products seem partially damaged. It's possibly a remainder from the pre-Mushroom War times. It has solar energy cells on the roof, a wind turbine beside it, and another turbine built into the side of the building.


  • The name is similar to the name of the "Kwik-E-Mart" from the TV show "The Simpsons."
  • Because of the solar energy cells and the wind turnine, Squeez-E-Mart may have been an ecological building before the Mushroom War.


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