The spider wand appears in the episode "Dungeon Train" when Finn loots it from an unknown type of boss fight. It has a black, wand-like handle and a representation of a black spider at the end. It has the ability to shoot sticky webs and re-collect them, seen when Finn uses it on Jake.


It is unknown where the spider wand came from, but it was probably generated by the Dungeon Train. Its current whereabouts are unknown, depending on if Finn kept it or if he left it on the train.


  • Although Jake has magical Stretchy Powers, he was unable to move while ensnared in its spider silk. Jake was also immobilized while trapped in the spider web in the episode "Web Weirdos." This implies that his Stretchy Powers are neutralized by spider silk.
  • However, he wears transparent pants spun from spider webs, as seen in "Donny," which do not impede his powers. This could be because the pants are spun by Pixies.


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