The Spell Palace is a Wizard supply shop located in Wizard City, and owned by Ron James. The store first appears in "Wizards Only, Fools," where Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum purchase a cold spell in an attempt to cure Starchie's illness.


The Spell Palace is a large stone tower with several windows and a sign above the front door. The interior of the store contains books, chests, skulls, a toaster, spells, a shield, and a female mannequin head, among other things.


The store is owned by Ron James, and it provides spells for individuals with any level of experience. The spells are brewed by Ron James and are contained in magical bottles. This allows them to be used without the need for memorization or incantation. Like all services in Wizard City, only wizards are allowed to purchase magical items from the store. Violation of this law will result in arrest by the Wizard Police, as seen in the case of Stranson Doughblow.


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