Finn's special occasion phone is a telephone that people can call to tell or remind Finn about a special occasion. Its ringtone is a dull voice repeating "special occasion." It first appears in "Jake Suit," in which Flame Princess calls it to invite Finn over to meet her family. It has caller ID on the back, which lets Finn know who is calling before answering.


The phone's body is pale blue with a green screen, in the middle of which is a light green line that wavers with the ringtone. On the top is a coral pink receiver resting atop a blue phone cradle. On the front are two small red and blue switches and a red button, whose functions are unknown, and a yellow star-shaped sticker with a face on it.


  • The battery compartment is taped, suggesting that its screws are missing.


  • The side of the phone is originally shown with two different-colored wires, one light green and one dark green. When Finn walks over to it in "Jake Suit," however, the dark-green wire is missing.


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