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Special Sentient Sandwiches are food made by BMO for Jake in "Angel Face". BMO used the sandwiches to persuade Jake and Finn to join them in their cowboy role-playing game. They prepare a bag full of sandwiches for Finn and another batch for Jake. Jake agreed on the terms of being given one every hour, and role-playing for a minimum of 6 hours. It is unknown if Finn agreed to these conditions.


The Special Sandwich was shown to be relatively easy to make, as the episode starts with them making one from scratch quickly. However, it was later noted by BMO that “it took them over 6 hours to prepare them”. The ingredients are bought at the “special market”, which could possibly be dangerous.


Name Image Instructions

Free Range Humpty Dumpties

Sentient Eggs
One Free Range Humpty Dumpty: An Egg that has legs and a face. It is seen running around to what appears as an egg “ranch” with other eggs. The insides (or at least the yolk) has a different face as the shell dies when cracked open. The face is no longer seen when BMO stirs the egg’s contents into an omelete.

Fine Aged Cheddar Man

Fine Aged Cheddar Man
One Fine Aged Cheddar Man: A Cheese Cube which is orange in colour and has, what appears to be, a monocle on its left eye and a top hat. It's appearance is a possible reference to a generic old man in the industrial revolution ages. He seems to be asleep when BMO puts him in the omelete.

Sentient Tomato

Sentient Tomato
Homemade Ketchup: A sauce which is vomited by a Sentient Tomato after being poured sugar into. It doesn’t seem as if the tomato enjoyed it. This could be the case if it was the same tomato used for all the special sentient sandwiches.

The Sentient Tomato is voiced by Andy Milonakis.

Pepper Grinder

Sentient Pepper Person
Fresh Pepper Fart: A fart-like emission of pepper from the butt of a pepper grinder.

Dance Parsley

Dancing Parsley
Dance Parsley: A dancing sprig of parsley with vaguely heart-shaped hands and feet. It is put on top of the omelette before it’s flipped onto a face bread.

Face Bread

Face Bread
Two Slices of Face Bread: A Face Bread is a slice of bread used to make the sandwiches. The recipe uses two slices like most sandwiches do. Most of the time people mistake the face bread’s face as the sandwich’s face.

The smell of the sandwich itself is sentient. as it had a face. and presumably carried Jake downstairs or was just an illustration that Jake is attracted to the smell. The Smell disappears after Jake reached the kitchen.


  • This is one of Jake's favorite sandwiches.
  • The sandwich appears to feel no pain while being eaten.


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