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Spear Bear is a bear who appears in the episode "I Am a Sword." He makes an appearance with Science Cat who may be his new partner since Sword Shark has passed away.

In his debut episode, he and Science Cat ask Finn if he wants to have a brawl. During the brawl, Spear Bear thrusts his spear towards Finn, who counters it, knocking Spear Bear out. After waking up again, Spear Bear and Science Cat walk home in shame after losing their brawl to Finn.


Spear Bear has the regular appearance of a bear except that his skin is blue in color. His belly is of a lighter shade of blue and has a picture of the tip of a spear. He also wears a watch and stands up and instead of crawling.


It's fight o'clock, Finn. It's fight o'clock!

—Spear Bear


  • The image of a spear head on Spear Bear's belly is a reference to Care Bears.