Sparkle's mother is the mother of Sparkle the baby. When BMO takes Sparkle with it on its journey home, his mother comes looking for him. She confirms that "Sparkle" is the baby's name (thus proving Bubble right). BMO hesitates to give up the baby that it dubbed "Ricky," at which point, Sparkle's mother tells BMO it "should be ashamed of itself."


She is a tall female wearing a fur dress. Her skin is salmon colored and her hair is a light shade of green. A more distinctive feature is her left hand which is a flipper-like appendage that is used to create a distinctive call when pressed against the lips.


Sparkle's mother is shown to be caring as she had been looking for her baby since BMO took him from the clearing and was calling out to him the duration of the journey. When she finally finds Sparkle, he greets his mother with a similar call and happily shrieks as she picks him up and called him "beautiful." The only time she is visibly upset is when scolding BMO for its behavior. She even says that BMO "should be ashamed" for taking her child, even though the robot had really been caring for Sparkle (though she did not know this).


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