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Spader Petersen[1] is a character who appears in "Wizard City".


Spader resembles an average teenager with a cylinder-like head. Before making it into Wiz Arts, he is shown wearing a red jacket with gray jeans, along with orange and white shoes.

Personality and character traits[]

When he is first introduced, he is shown as a chill teenager, introducing Peppermint Butler to his friends and giving Pep the nickname "Ripper". Like Bufo he has the habit of making "finger guns" to gesture and point at people. He also makes it his motive to be popular within Wiz Arts and Wizard City, claiming he wants to shine among others.

Spader was rather popular in Wizard City, as he was admired by students, teachers, and others alike, impressing them with his skills in magic. He seemed to be rather knowledgeable of certain spells, as he seemed to ace his classes.

Despite being rather skilled and popular, Spader is quite rude, picking on Peppermint Butler and Cadebra for not having magical skills as superior and skilled as his. He also likes to show-off his superior skills to others who are not as well-trained in the arts as he is, deliberately ruining others projects, such as Pep's egg, because it was not as good as his, which shows that he can be a bully.

Spader hangs out which his cousin Larry and their friend Blaine. Blaine appears to be jealous when Spader casts an affinity spell which seeks out Larry, showing Spader likes Larry more than Blaine.

After Larry is turned into a rock, Spader doesn't appear particularly bothered, showing he can be rather apathetic. However when Spader goes missing later, it is Blaine who seeks out answers.

Spader's own ego ultimately proved to be his downfall. After having been offered to become the next incarnate of Coconteppi by Bufo, Spader showed no signs of hesitation and drank from the Chalice, likely believing that this was his density. This was quickly proven wrong when Spader was killed, unable to handle Coconteppi's immense power. His remains were left on the throne in Coconteppi's tomb for the remainder of the episode.


  • The finger guns used by Bufo and Spader are a tribute to Fonzie from Happy Days: Bufo clicks his tongue while Spader goes "ehhh" like Fonzie did
  • Spader Petersen and Simon Petrikov names share some similarities:
    • Both names have equal number of letters.
    • Both names have the same initials.
    • Their surnames are both derivated from Peter.
  • Spader is so-named to refer to James Spader's roles in the Brat Pack's heyday, notably "Pretty in Pink."


  1. Spelling of surname in closed captions revealed by Bufo when announcing Spader's absence to the class