Space Lards are a species of lard (the others being Sea Lards, Greed Lards, Grass Lards, and Angler Lards) that are first introduced in "Astral Plane." The lards can be found in space, and a group of them are seen by Finn near the Earth.


Space Lards are plump, cyan, and slightly elliptical creatures. They each have a dangling lump of flesh on their foreheads and a similarly shaped nose with a few hairs on it. Overall, they closely resemble Sea Lards and Greed Lards.


Although little is known about the lards, they seem to live in groups and spend their time moving around space in formations. Space Lards can move very fast as they were able to transport Finn from the Earth to Mars within the night, also demonstrating the ability to see Finn's astral form. Generally, the lards seem to be peaceful and make noises that sound similar to whale calls.

The Space Lards have the unique ability to summon the Mother Lard. This lard is likely a source of reproduction for the species. While in the Astral Plane, Finn is able to witness the Mother Lard give space birth to one of its kind. The lards also produce milk that Finn says is very rare and difficult to obtain.

In "BMO" of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Sea Lards are an edible species to the residents from The Drift, where the lards are kept in a space grazing land.


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