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Sour Candy is a 2-page mini-story from Fionna and Cake Issue 3. It is by Kate Leth, and is the debut of the genderbent Lemongrabs.


The Lady Lemongrabs throw a "Happiest Lemon Day" party for themselves and their Lemon Family.


The story begins with Lady Lemongrab 1 frantically setting up party decorations and making a horrifying cake. Lady Lemongrab 2 enters the room to see Lady Lemongrab 1 preparing for a celebration. "You're early!" yells Lady Lemongrab 1. "You remembered!" says Lady Lemongrab 2. They bring their Female Lemon Children to the celebration, though the little things are not happy about it, and tie them up in ribbons. The Lady Lemongrabs lovingly hold hands, and the comic ends.


  • This comic features the debut of the genderbent Lemongrabs, as well as a few of their Female Lemon Children.
  • It is unknown how the Lady Lemongrabs came into existence, unlike the males, who were created by Princess Bubblegum.
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