Sound Castle 2 is a game on Cartoon Network 's official site, developed by Yamago and is the sequel to Sound Castle. Just like the previous game, various quotes from Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King, Finn, and Jake are used. The object of the game is the same as the prequel: to defend the kingdom from various hordes of enemies whom constantly attack the player by matching up the color of the quote to the color of the cloud the attacking enemy is riding upon.


Cartoon Network offers registered players the opportunity to win 'badges' which accumulate and are showcased on the players profile. Like the previous Sound Castle game, there are a total of 6 possible badges to obtain.

  • IT'S STILL ADVENTURE TIME! - Use Its Adventure Time! Super Attack
  • ROLL CALL - Use Every Characters Special Attack in a Single Game
  • KING OF THE SECOND CASTLE - Score 100,000 Points
  • NIGHTOSPHERE NOVICE - Win 1 Boss Battle
  • NIGHTOSPHERE NINJA - Win 5 Boss Battles in a Single Game
  • GAME MASTER - Get All Badges for Sound Castle 2




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