Sound Castle is a game on Cartoon Network's official site, developed by Yamago. Using quotes from Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King, Finn, and Jake, the player defends the kingdom from the attacking horde of enemies (Bucket Knights, Guardian Angels, Dungeon Guards, and the boss, Demon Cat). The game has a sequel called Sound Castle 2.


All the enemies that appear in the game also appear in the episode "Dungeon."


There are six badges possible to earn from Sound Castle. It includes:

  • CATCHPHRASE - Use Its Adventure Time! Super Attack (100 Points)
  • SONIC SOUNDOFF - Use Every Character's Special Attack in a Single Game (100 Points)
  • SOUND BOSS BEATER - Win 1 Boss Battle (100 Points)
  • KING OF THE CASTLE - Score 100,000 Points (150 Points)
  • SOUND BOSS DESTROYER - Win 5 Boss Battles in a Single Game (200 Points)
  • Game Master - Get All Badges for Sound Castle (200 Points, formerly a Mystery Badge)



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