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Marceline singing "I'm Just Your Problem."

Adventure Time features various songs throughout the show, as a theatrical element or simply woven into the regular narrative.

List of songs

Season 1

Episode Song Time Sung
The Jiggler Baby 00:45 Finn, Jake
Evicted! House Hunting Song 01:28 Pendleton Ward, Marceline
Cave Song 00:05 Pendleton Ward
Home Song 00:31 Finn, Jake
When Wedding Bells Thaw Manlorette Party 01:00 N/A
Dungeon Key Song 00:09 Finn
Pump It Up! 00:08 Finn
Donny Empathy Song 00:03 Finn, Donny
Pants Song 00:04 Donny
8 Glasses 00:02.5 Donny
Comb Song 00:05 Donny
What is Life? Never Ending Pie Song 00:20 Finn
Freak City A Mystical Magical Favor 00:08 Magic Man
Lay My Head Down Slow 01:21 Finn
Henchman Fisherman Song 00:18 Marceline
Bro Song 00:05 Jake
His Hero Billy's Song 00:28 Adam Muto

Season 2

Episode Song Time Sung
It Came from the Nightosphere Fry Song 00:46 Marceline, Finn (beatboxing)
Stompin' On Ants 00:06 Hunson Abadeer
Blood Under the Skin Finn the Blushing Baby 00:09 Lyre Player
Power Animal Where Is Finn? 00:17 Jake, BMO
Crystals Have Power Apple Pie 00:07 Tree Trunks
Her Parents The Decorating Song 00:22 Finn, Jake
The Lucky Ones 00:20 Bob, Ethel
The Silent King Goblin Song 00:22 Finn
Guardians of Sunshine Computer Song 00:15 Finn, Jake
The Pods Ice Cream Marathon Song 00:12 Pendleton Ward
Susan Strong Susan Strong 00:38 Finn
The Limit Sing 'Cause Yo Mama Said 00:11 Finn, Jake
Video Makers Friends 00:41 BMO
Belly of the Beast Bears 00:26 Party Pat, Finn, Jake
The Stuff Song 00:56 Finn, Jake
Mortal Recoil Not Feelin' Good Song 00:20 Jake
Heat Signature Oh, Baby Yeah 00:04 FinnJake

Season 3

Episode Song Time Sung
Morituri Te Salutamus On a Tropical Island/As a Tropical Island 00:51 Jake
Memory of a Memory Puncha yo Buns 00:15 Baby Finn
The Monster We're Finn and Jake 00:29 Finn, Jake
Wizard Battle Wizard Battle 00:08 Finn
Ultimate Prize 00:22 Peppermint Butler
Fionna and Cake Oh, Fionna 01:10 Prince Gumball, Fionna
What Was Missing I'm Just Your Problem 01:42 Marceline
A Song About Noodles 00:03 Finn
Bubblegum's Blueprint track 00:36

Princess BubblegumMarcelineFinnBMO (as instrument)

My Best Friends in the World (What Am I To You?) 02:18 Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and BMO (as instrument)
Beautopia I'm On a Boat 00:20 Jake
No One Can Hear You Hobo Dreams 00:11 Jake
Jake vs. Me-Mow Sleepy Puppies 00:37 Finn
Big Liver 00:06 Jake
Holly Jolly Secrets Part II Fry Song (cover ver.) 00:22 Ice King
Marceline's Closet Extremities Song 00:35 Finn
Cloud Hunt 00:20 Finn
Journal Song 01:22 Marceline
Another Way Melons 01:03 Finn
Dad's Dungeon Joshua's Final Message Remix 00:26 Joshua
Incendium All Gummed Up Inside 00:42 Finn
All Warmed Up Inside 00:42 Jake

Season 4

Episode Song Time Sung
Hot to the Touch Working for the Master 00:17 Neptr
Five Short Graybles These Lumps 00:18 Lumpy Space Princess, Candy People
Dream of Love Dream of Love 02:10 Tree Trunks, Mr. Pig
Daddy's Little Monster Not Just Your Little Girl 00:20 Marceline
Political Rap 00:23 Finn, Jake
Princess Monster Wife Let Me Show You Something Special 01:10 Ice King
Beyond this Earthly Realm Three Baby Spiders 00:24 BMO
Ice King's Song of Joy 00:17 Ice King
Sons of Mars C'mon, Let's Go To My House 00:04 Magic Man
Memory song 00:10 Magic Man
Burning Low Bacon Pancakes 00:11 Jake
I Remember You Fry Song (Gunter ver.) 00:29 Ice King
Oh, Bubblegum 01:15 Ice King
Nuts 00:48 Marceline
Remember You 02:04 Marceline, Ice King

Season 5

Episode Song Time Sung
Jake the Dog Three Nice Dudes 00:24 Jake, Prismo, Cosmic Owl
Jake the Dad Bread Song 00:08 BMO
Bad Little Boy Good Little Girl 01:11 Marshall Lee, Fionna, Cake
Bad Little Boy 00:26 Marshall Lee
Vault of Bones Dungeon Crawl 00:23 Finn
The Great Bird Man Real Power 00:45 Xergiok
Simon & Marcy Where Everybody Knows Your Name 00:28 Simon Petrikov
Soup Hunting Song 00:08 Simon Petrikov
Princess Potluck Hair Teepees 00:10 Ice King
James Baxter the Horse BMO's Pregnant Song 00:26 BMO
Shh! No Wonder I 00:10 LAKE (with BMO playing it)
The Suitor Braco Don't Go TBA Jesse MoynihanAko Castuera
Party's Over, Isla de Senorita Gone with the Tide 00:30 Island Lady
Ice King and the Island Lady 00:30 Island Lady
Frost & Fire Egg Song 00:13 Jake
Too Old Lemonhope's Song 00:42 Badlemonnohope
Love Games I Just Can't Get Over You 00:41 Finn
We Fixed a Truck Oh, It's Just My Luck! 00:14 Finn
Hanging Out Forever 00:41 Banana Man
The Pit Broke Up 00:14 Jake
Rattleballs Princess Song 00:05 Finn
Bad Timing Slow Boat to China 00:16 Tree Trunks
Lemonhope Part 1 Lemonhope's Got Feet 00:55 Lemonhope
Lemonhope Part 2 Lemonhope's Song 00:42 Lemonhope
Young Lemonhope 01:29 Princess Bubblegum
Billy's Bucket List Rap Bear & Finn's Rap 00:59 FinnRap Bear

Season 6

Episode Song Time Sung
The Tower Baby's Building a Tower into Space 00:40 Finn
Breezy Lost in the Darkness/Love 01:38 Finn, Breezy, Princess Bubblegum
Food Chain We're Plants 00:32 Finn, Jake
Food Chain (song) 01:25 Finn,Princess Bubblegum
Furniture & Meat Money 00:21 Finn, Jake
The Prince Who Wanted Everything That's All I Need 00:53 Lumpy Space Prince
Little Brother Little Brothers 01:07 Shelby, Kent
Princess Day Breakfast Song 00:11 Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess
Joshua and Margaret Investigations Puppy Jake Song 00:05 Jake
Is That You? Prismo's Ritual 01:16 Finn, Jake
The Cooler A Kingdom from a Spark 01:02 Flame Princess
Evergreen Slimy D's Rap 00:02 Slimy D
Astral Plane Yeah, Girl, It Stinks 00:42 Marceline
Dark Purple Super Porp Jingle 00:09 Marceline, Super Porp Mutants
Walnuts & Rain 7718's Rap 00:16 Seven
Jermaine Booboo Sousa Song 00:19 Booboo Sousa
Water Park Prank Finn's Underwear Song 00:17 Finn
Chips and Ice Cream Chips and Ice Cream's Song 00:26, 00:40 (reprise) Chips and Ice Cream, Jake
You Forgot Your Floaties What Remains 00:09 Normal Man
Be Sweet Goodnight Lullaby 00:13 Lumpy Space Princess
Hot Diggity Doom I'm a Princess 00:18 King of Ooo
The Comet Everything's Falling into Place 00:37 Finn
All's Well That Rats Swell Mustaches Belong In The Cupboard 00:07 BMO
The Gift That Reaps Giving Lonely Bones 00:33 Caramel Sally

Season 7

Episode Song Time Sung
Mama Said Canyon's Song 00:30 Canyon
Mama Said 00:24 Banana Guard
Stakes Everything Stays 00:43 Marceline, Marceline's Mom
According to Our New Arrival 00:54 Two-Bread Tom, Marceline
Remembering Memories 01:00 Marceline
Was it Reality 00:22 Marceline, Ice King
Angel Face Robot Cowboy 00:52 BMO
President Porpoise is Missing! Two Halves Make a Whole 01:03 Banana Man
Flute Spell My Name is Jake 00:38 Jake, Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

Season 8

Episode Song Time Sung
Beyond the Grotto Hot Dog Song 00:17 Water Nymphs
Rather Be Anything 00:27 Leaf Marceline
Purple Song 00:16 Princess Purple Patch
Bun Bun Phoebe's Rap 00:32 Flame Princess, Cinnamon Bun, Finn
The Music Hole
Power of Myself 00:32 Susan Strong
Neptr Flame P Rap 00:35 Flame PrincessNeptr
Francis Forever 1:32 Marceline
Do The Boogaloo 00:18 Ice King
Jake & Lady Song 00:12 JakeLady Rainicorn
I Look Up To You 00:35 FinnMusic Hole
Hide and Seek Founder's Song 1:16 Dr. Gross
Min and Marty Greatly Appreciated 00:39 Ashley Eriksson

Season 9

Episode Song Time Sung
Winter Light Blue Magic 00:36 Foxes
Cloudy Time Passes Like A Cloud 00:29 Finn, Jake
Skyhooks II Let Me Call You Sweetheart 00:38 Princess Bubblegum
Bonbon Ballad TBA

Princess BubblegumMarshmaline

Ketchup Bass Song 00:14 Marceline
I Want To Ride 00:11 Finn
Rock Star Girl's Song 00:17 Rock Star Girl
Fix My Friend 00:30 Rock Star Girl

Season 10

Episode Song Time Sung
Son of Rap Bear Clams and Raps 01:06 Neptr, Finn and Flame Princess
Candy Kingdom Open Mic Rap Battle 01:03 Gingerbread man and Son of Rap Bear
Flame Princess Experience Rap 00:43 Flame Princess
Chipmunks Rap 00:23 Rapper Chipmunk
Rap Fest Day Rap Battle 01:46 Son of Rap Bear and Flame Princess
Come Along With Me Time Adventure 01:39 BMO, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Others
Island Song 01:52 Music Hole


Episode Song Time Sung
Commercial promo Candy Kingdom Song 02:00 N / A
Adventure Time Adventure Time theme song 00:25 Pendleton Ward
Birthday Gift to Olivia Olson Happy Ending Song 00:42 Marceline
Intended for Henchman Jelly Doughnut Song 00:14 Marceline

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