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Softy Cheese is a food that Jake loves which can be used as a condiment for hot dogs. Jake is traumatized and stops eating it after Clarence explodes from eating too much of it in a Squeez-E-Mart. After the events of "Ghost Princess," he began eating it again. However, when he took a bite he then grimaced, meaning that Clarence's death still haunts him. Softy Cheese comes in a can with a red label and bold yellow type saying "SOFTY CHEESE." It is also available from a dispenser of sorts in the Squeez-E-Mart, probably for hot dogs. When Clarence tries to drown his sadness too much by putting his mouth directly on the Softy Cheese dispenser's nozzle he explodes.


  • Softy Cheese is similar to Cheez Whiz and other brands of processed cheese sauce. Cheese sauce dispensers like the one at the Squeez-E-Mart are ubiquitous in American convenience stores which sell nachos and/or hot dogs.