The Soft Village is a location in Adventure Time that is seen in the episode "Gut Grinder." The village is inhabited by the Soft People. It is a possibility that the Soft Village is ruled by someone of high authority, but this has not been confirmed. The person in charge may be the Wise Old Fluff Man. He acted somewhat like a mayor, speaking to Finn on the behalf of his people. The citizens of the Soft Village first think that Jake is the Gut Grinder, but are later convinced otherwise. The villagers also like to place gold in the center of the village and dance around it; this seems to be a tradition of theirs.

When Finn reaches the Soft Village, he is emerging from a forest. The village is small and round in shape and is surrounded on three sides by light green, grassy hills. Outside the village's circular wall are a few farming fields and a couple sheds or barns. The only entrance to the village appears to be the dirt path Finn entered on. A simple, open arch leads directly into the village. A plain pastel blue flag is flying from the highest building.

The entire Soft Village appears to be made out of soft fluff, including the houses, trees, and cream-colored ground. The village wall is pink, and like everything else, it appears to be composed of a pillow stuffing-like substance. The Soft village could also be made out of cotton or clouds.

The Soft People appear to be made out of the same material as their village. They come in a variety of pastel colors (Light green, pink, blue and yellow) and appear as two to three small clouds stacked on top of each, and legs and arms are also attached to them.


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