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The Soft People are characters that appear in the episode "Gut Grinder," in which their gold is robbed and devoured by the Gut Grinder. As a result they decide to put their gold under a cup so the Gut Grinder wouldn't find it. That method worked, but after a while they took it back out and danced around it again, so the Gut Grinder stole their gold again. When Finn and Jake arrive in their town Jake is mistakenly believed to be the Gut Grinder, because he resembles the monster. When Finn and Jake leave the town, a soft kid hugs them goodbye.


They are composed of two or three fluffs like a snowman with head, chest and base, and also have arms and legs. All three fluffs that make up their bodies are the same size. They're known to come in pink, green, blue, and yellow with their colors getting darker in descending body segments. It's unknown if the number of body parts represent the age of the person.

The Soft People are soft physically and emotionally; they are easily frightened and have a habit of going "wee-wee" when scared or upset, where two torrents of blue liquid gush from their armpits as they cry out in fear.


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  • They are known to pile their gold in the middle of the city and dance around it.
  • One of the Soft People uses the Japanese word for cute, "kawaii," to describe Jake.
  • It is seen that they "wee-wee" out of their armpits.