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The Snow Golem makes his first appearance in the animated short, when Finn and Jake throw snowballs at his eyes to defeat him. He also appears in the episode "Prisoners of Love," as well as in the opening sequence. He lives in the Ice Kingdom. When Finn and Jake knock his head off in "Prisoners of Love," he puts on a new head of snow shaped like a cat and then meows like one.

He is the main character in the episode "Thank You," where he appears to live a quiet life in a snow-covered farm house. He is shown eating acorns and a pear, possibly his main food source. He finds a lost Fire Wolf Pup and takes care of it before returning it to its family.

In the episode "Frost & Fire," he is seen evacuating the Ice Kingdom with the Penguins as Flame Princess is melting it.

In Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, the Snow Golem helps Finn and Jake get the fire sword they need to break through the Ice Kingdom's walls after they help him get a girlfriend made of Cloud Kingdom pieces, who is brought to life by the Party God.


In the pilot episode, the Snow Golem is shown to babble like an infant, and he cries when Finn throws a snowball at him. In "Thank You," he speaks in babbling or mumbling sounds until the very end of the episode, where he speaks a few words. He befriends a lost Fire Wolf pup, which shows he is a caring (snow) person. Jake says that fire wolves and Snow Golems hate each other, so this was an extraordinary display of compassion. Also in "Thank You," he avoids Finn and Jake while they are fighting the Ice King, suggesting he is scared of them.


Snow Golem has the ability to make eyes and mouths on his pointer fingers. He gets smaller when he is melting but is able to rebuild most of his body with snow.

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