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SnowBrawl Fight is a game created by Cartoon Network.


The Battle of Supremacy has begun! Cartoon Network's greatest heroes are going head-to-head in the ultimate snowball showdown Snowbrawl Fight!


Throw snowballs at the opposing team to reduce their health. At Zero Health, team members become snowmen. To Win the fight, turn all players of the opposing team into snowmen. To pick up snowballs for throwing, just walk over the snowballs that appear on the ground.

Controls and shots

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • X: Jump 
  • C: Switch Players
  • Space Bar: Throw Snowballs

Special moves

  • Double-Press Left Arrow Key: Dash/Run
  • Double Left Arrow then, Z: Special Shot
  • Double Left Arrow, X then, Z: Special Jump Shot

Special shots

  • Power Shot: A bigger snowball that deals 40 damage
  • Spread Shot: Throws 3 snowballs at the same time
  • Spiral Shot: Throws 2 spiraling snowballs at the same time

Power Gauge

You can only use the special shots when your power gauge is full. Your Power Gauge will fill up slowly every time you hit somebody.


  • Winter Winner: Win 1 match.
  • Flurried: Score 500 points.
  • In your Face!: Perform a Special Power Jump Shot
  • Snow Brawler: Beat the game.
  • Cool It: Defeat 1 opponent.
  • Mystery Badge


So far, there is only one cheat for this game. Including:

  • Hit Jump Cheat: First go to the top-right corner of you'r team then wait until your enemies throw a snowball at you and when they hit you quickly jump while holding the up button and you are off the battle field.