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Snorlock is a large slug (that thinks he's a snail) who appears in "Slow Love." He pushes his way into Finn and Jake's Tree Fort hoping for their assistance in finding a mate but accidentally takes part of their home as his "shell." Finn and Jake help by teaching him how to talk to lady snails and how to beatbox and swing swords around. He then attracts a group of giant Snail Ladies with his beatboxing and sword-swinging, but their dancing gets out of control. When Jake throws a grain of salt on him, Snorlock gets a burn/blister on his face that seems to pain him very much. Once his "shell" falls off, Snorlock finally realizes he is a slug and finds love with a Slug Lady.


Snorlock is a gigantic green slug, though he can carry a shell like a snail.


He seems to be very innocent and to some extent acts like a little kid. He gets very nervous around ladies and usually panics or creeps them out.

Sad Juice[]

Sad Juice is the green juice Snorlock produces when he's sad. He may be able to produce it when he's not sad, because at the end of the episode, he excreted Sad Juice all over BMO even though he wasn't sad.


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  • Snorlock says, "That wasn't mad juice; that was sad juice," possibly meaning he has a "juice" for every emotion.
  • His roar is very similar to Godzilla's, from Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla cartoon.
  • Although he is voiced by Biz Markie for the most part, John DiMaggio also provided a few lines for the character. DiMaggio is oddly the only one credited in the role.