Snakes are a type of reptile. They appear in several episodes of Adventure Time.

The Brain Beast has snakes for arms in the episode "Tree Trunks."

In "Rainy Day Daydream," the Riddle Master's imaginary snakes bite Finn and Jake, sending "imaginary poison" coursing through their veins.

In "The Eyes," Jake accidentally lures some when he plays Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on his viola in an attempt to lure the horse away from his and Finn's house. After luring the snakes, Jake tries to lure a mongoose to eat the snakes, but Finn interrupts him. The snakes follow Finn and Jake until Finn throws away Jake's viola. Earlier in the episode, Finn says that "everything brainless likes music," so the snakes may not be as intelligent as other species in Ooo.

In "Death in Bloom," a couple of white snake monsters are seen biting each other as Finn and Jake enter the Land of the Dead.

A snake named Ricky appears in "Gotcha!" Lumpy Space Princess karate chops him, telling him to "back up off" her.

A small red snake appears in "Ignition Point" when Finn mistakes its hissing for the lisping assassin. Finn slaps it off his shoulder and onto Jake's head.

Jake punches a snake in a flashback in "Jake the Dad" after telling his mom her manual is a bunch of junk. Jake says the snake jumped out of a policeman's boombox, though this is not shown in the flashback.

In "Bad Little Boy," a snake quickly slithers across the floor after Turtle Princess, Slime Princess, Wildberry Princess, and Toast Princess interrupt Ice King's story.

In "A Glitch is a Glitch," a snake gets merged with a spider when Jake messes with the Universal Source Code, creating the spider-snake hybrid.

A black snake with a red stripe down its back slithers in front of BMO and Bubble in "BMO Lost" as they walk through the forest.

Gunter creates some snow-a-constrictors in "Earth & Water" when Ice King gives it his crown to rebuild the Ice Kingdom. They attack Finn and Ice King.

In "Billy's Bucket List," a Snake Runner, a huge snake with arms and legs, chases Finn and Canyon when they ride through the desert on Billy's motorcycle. Canyon knocks it out with a swift punch.

A ghost snake briefly appears in "Ghost Fly" after Jake enters the ghost world. It has spots on its body and two stripes on its tail and wears a long white sheet on its back.

In "Dentist," Finn "goes dentist" by being dropped into a well filled with snakes and rotten butter.



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