A group of giant Snail Ladies appear in the episode "Slow Love." Snorlock attracts them by beatboxing and sword-swinging, and then tries to find a mate among them. All the time Snorlock tries to find a mate among the Snail Ladies, he is unaware that he is not an actual snail himself. When the snail ladies discover that Snorlock is not a snail, they say he is "naked" and giggle at him, apparently having lost interest in the humiliated "snail". Snorlock's potential mate, Slug Lady, appears wearing a fake shell made of peppermint among the Snail Ladies.


The Snail Ladies are giant snails who, like Snorlock, are house sized. Many of the Snail Ladies have some unique aspect, from makeup to a variety of different hats. They are a medley of drab orange and greens, though they all leave the same pale green trail of slime.


Official art


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