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The Small sword is a rapier-like blade Finn began using in Season 8, since he could no longer use his Grass Sword or Finn Sword as they merged to make Fern, something entirely new.

The small sword heavily resembles the stereotypical pirate's sword, fitting for the setting of the Islands mini-series. The sword's blade is very thin, meaning its intended use is to stab and impale, although it is capable of slashing if needed. The sword features a cup hilt colored bronze and a brown handle.

It was first seen in the episode "Do No Harm," when Finn called it a "surgical sword" and tried to drop it on a sleeping Susan Strong to awaken her reflexes. The sword is identical to the sword Rattleballs used to confront Susan in "Reboot", leading to the possibility that Finn received the sword from him off-screen.

Finn began using the sword as of the Islands mini-series. In "The Invitation," Finn is seen using his sword to attack a Human Transport Ship along with the Banana Guards, albeit unsuccessfully. In "Mysterious Island," Finn's small sword is confiscated by Alva who bends it and throws it him. Finn does not use his sword to attack anyone in Islands, however mostly due to not being given the opportunity to.

The sword is used by Sweet P to destroy the Farmworld Lich's hand. Shortly after, the sword was irrepairably damaged during Finn's fight with the Grumbo in "The Wild Hunt."

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