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"Slow Love" is the sixth episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It's the thirty-second episode overall.


Finn and Jake help an over-sized slug named Snorlock threatening to wreck their home by trying to find him a mate.


Finn is reading The Ooo Review and Jake is playing a video game on BMO; however, Jake complains that BMO is playing the music too loud and to turn it down. Suddenly, a massive snail bursts through the tree house and starts squirting out a green, slimy substance at Finn and Jake. Jake attempts to hit the snail with salt from a Gnome Salt Shaker, but the snail quickly introduces himself as Snorlock. He explains to them that he is in need of a girlfriend but does not know how to talk to ladies.

He also explains that the slimy stuff he had squirted out was sad juice, because he was sad and lonely. Finn and Jake agree to help Snorlock as long as he does not wreck their home again. However, Snorlock is too happy and bashes out of the house, and the top of the tree gets stuck to his back with Finn and Jake on the top. They search around a little and finally find a female snail. She seems interested in Snorlock at first, but he freaks out and she runs away.

Jake tries to give him advice on talking to ladies and transforms into a female snail, role-playing with Finn as the male. Finn gets grossed out by this, so Jake became the male. Finn does not want to do this, but he does it for Snorlock so while role-playing Jake tells Snorlock to do what he does but he messes up what Jake says so he freaks out another lady snail. So Finn tries to give Snorlock other advice. Jake says ladies love men with swords, and then he shows Snorlock a beat. Snorlock picks up swords while beatboxing. Suddenly, tons of female snails are attracted by this and all start to crowd around and dance with Snorlock. The giant snails start bashing into the top of the tree fort on Snorlock's back, and Finn says they need to stop them from wrecking their home.

Jake remembers Snorlock's reaction to the salt, so he jumps in the top of the tree house and grabs the salt. He jumps back out and blows a single grain of salt onto Snorlock, which burns Snorlock's face. He screams and wails which causes the top half of the tree to fall off his back. The female snails laugh and say he is naked, but Finn steps in and states that Snorlock is not a snail, but a huge slug, which explained why he was so bad with snails.

He says he did not know he was a slug and gets upset, since there probably were no female slugs around. However, a lady snail confesses. "Actually... I'm not a snail! I'm a slug. My shell's made of a peppermint." Snorlock laughs, and kisses her in front of Finn and Jake. BMO laughs and chants, "Go! Go! Go! Go!" As Snorlock continues to steal smooches, BMO increases its volume, which enrages Finn and Jake. The episode ends with BMO getting sprayed by Snorlock's "happy juice".


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  • This episode reveals that Finn has more than one sword.
  • The Land of Ooo has a newspaper titled The Ooo Review seen when Finn is reading it at the beginning of the episode. There is a PHIL FACE on the front page of that edition.
  • The title card music is the same music that accompanies Snorlock's beat-boxing.
  • The song that BMO plays is the same tune from the game "Finn and Jake's Epic Quest".
  • Snorlock's voice actor was well-known for his beat-boxing in real life, and was sometimes preferred to as "the human beatbox."

Cultural references[]

  • BMO's "volume change" sound-effect is similar to that used in the Mac OS.
  • The castle in the title card looks similar to the Castle of Neuschwanstein in Germany.


  • When Jake tells BMO to go to time out, he points to the right, but BMO heads left. In the next shot, however, BMO is by the right wall, and is even shown since BMO is seen falling from the right when he is pushed away by Snorlock.
  • John DiMaggio is listed as the voice for Snorlock, when it's really Biz Markie who lent his voice to Snorlock.



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