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Slimy D is a Slime Elemental who appears in the episode "Evergreen." He is master over the element of slime. He was later reincarnated as Slime Princess, and again as O.


Slimy D's green, slimy skin is completely bare except for a samurai helmet, brown loincloth, and yellow boots. He also sports a thin mustache and resembles a sumo wrestler.


Not much of Slimy D's personality is seen during his brief appearance in "Evergreen." However, Slimy D clearly has less authority among the other elementals. This is seen when they are deciding whether to go through with Urgence Evergreen's plan of stopping the comet as Balthus cuts Slimy D off mid-rap and states "Slimy D stands with us" without regard to whether he actually does. Furthermore, he is only spoken to when Evergreen asks if he agrees with him, which further hints that the elementals think less of him.