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Slime People are a species that reside in the Slime Kingdom, which is located beneath the Bad Lands. The ruler of the Slime People is Slime Princess.


Typically, Slime People appear to be balls of slime with two nubs for arms and a face with no nose. They are all various colors of green. As shown with Elder Plops, some can have facial hair. Other than in the slime kingdom, Slime People can take all different forms, most Slime People in the past and future appear to be humanoid with slime-based bodies.

Notable Slime People

Possible Slime People



In the episode "Slime Central," it was revealed that the Slime People had become assimilated with the slime element. Not much about their appearance changed, they just grew a pair of long legs and longer arms. These slime people now wore headbands and rollerblades.


  • The only Slime Person to not have a body made out of slime was the Slime Elemental from the post-mushroom war era.