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"Slime Central" is the fifth part of the Adventure Time miniseries Elements and is the twentieth episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and fifty-eighth episode overall.


When Finn and Jake infiltrate the new Slime Kingdom, they become embroiled in a very heated skate battle.[1]


The episode begins with Finn and Jake being lowered by Ice King and Betty on the skyhooks from the Cloud Kingdom into the new Slime Kingdom so they can get the gem from Slime Princess' crown to fix Ooo. Finn felt a little uncomfortable with Ice King and Betty hanging out with each other.

Finn and Jake shortly arrive at the Slime Kingdom. Finn and Jake cover themselves in slime to disguise as slime people. The two hear music playing from a nearby slime building.

They walk up two a door. Someone looks through the door and ask the two for their skate size. After answering they are each given a pair of roller skates. They are then let inside.

The entire place is a roller skating rink made of slime. They quickly notice Slime Princess in her elemental form. She is now a giant slime person. They look around and see many of familiar people as slime people. Finn quickly notices the crown. The crown is inside of Slime Princess in her slime. Finn tries to go in and grab it, but he bounces right off of her and cannot go in. Elder Plops (who is known as DJ Plop Drops) tells Finn he is "rejected."

Lumpy Space Princess then comes by and calls Finn and Jake. She now seems to be a slime person. She says, "I'm not LSP, I'm LSP." This refers to the fact that she is now Lumpy SLIME Princess not Lumpy Space Princess. LSp asks the brothers if they're on a team.

Many of the slime people get excited when Blechfast Princess, Bileberry Princess, and Hot Blob Princess (slime versions of Breakfast Princess, Wildberry Princess, and Hot Dog Princess) are going to skate as a team. However Party Slat (Slime version of Party Pat) hates on them. Blechfast Princess does not take kindly to this and challenges her team to Party Splats team in a skate competition. This amuses everyone including Slime Princess. DJ Plop Drops seems to be the host/judge of the competition.

The two teams show their creative moves when skating. Blechfast Princess, Bileberry Princess, and Hot Blob Princess win. Their prize is being absorbed into Slime Princess' body. The crowd chants "Safe to assimilate." The three winner successfully step inside Slime Princess and creepily laugh as they vanish into the princess.

LSP liked the assimilation but Finn was disgusted and freaked out by it. Jake seemed to enjoy it. LSP said the losers are put in cage and lose their "skating rights." Finn then decided to have him, Jake, and LSP enter the contest, win, and grab the jewel out of Slime Princess and have Jake stretch them out. Finn said as long as they believe in themselves they won't be absorbed. He said himself, " She can't absorb us if we're self-absorbed." LSP said she won't be on their team because she was already on a team with Splurtle Princess (Turtle Princess) and a slime Raccoon. However her team then told her they're kicking her out and replacing her with Abracajamiel (Abracadaniel). This mad LSP furious,

LSP then walked up to the microphone and challenged her, Jake, and Finn to her previous team. The excited the crowd. At the start of the match, Jake told DJ Plop Drop to stop the music. The surprised everyone. Jake then took out his viola and began playing a country-like song as he skated. This confused the crowd. This made Slime Princess upset. LSP then had Finn dance/skate with her without Jake. The crowd quite enjoyed it. However, Finn twirled LSP too fast and she hit someone. This caused the crowd to boo. However LSP came back and was lifted by Finn. The amused the crowd, including Slime Princess. However Finn slipped back, hit Jake playing his viola, and Jake's viola bow went flying and hit Slime Princess right in the face. After this Finn, Jake ,and LSP were disqualified from the match and Splurtle Princess, the slime raccoon, Abracajamiel won.

Splurtle Princess, Abracajamiel, and the raccoon assimilated into Slime Princess' body because of their victory. Finn, Jake, and LSP were placed into the loser cage because of their loss. DJ Plop Drops then revealed the losers were going to be punished. The punishment was "shameful absorption."

Finn was glad about the "shameful absorption" because he can get the gem this way. Party Plat and the slime bears went into Slime Princess, LSP happily followed them, and finally Finn and Jake went in. Jake tied his leg to the cage bar so he can stretch himself and other out of Slime Princess. Inside it appeared as if there was nothing but slime. Party Splat and the slime bears vanished. Due to being self-absorbed Finn was able to swim to SP's crown so he can take the jewel. Jake enjoyed the slime. Finn took crown. He told Jake to pull them out. Jake however was putting it off. Jake was so comfortable in the slime that his legs fell off the cage and went into the slime. This scared Finn. Jake began to fade and become slime. In a matter of seconds Jake disappeared. This really upset Finn. Finn at that moment gave up and decided to become assimilated himself with hopes that Ice King will fix Ooo. LSP than swam over to Finn and was angry because she was not assimilating. Slime Princess started to shake uncomfortably as LSP was talking. Then LSP and Finn were spit out of Slime Princess's body. DJ Plop Drop then kicked Finn and LSP out.

Finn walked out very upset because of the loss of his brother but he still got the jewel. Shortly LSP started to shake off slime revealing that she is not actually a slime person and she revealed that she faked it. Finn was still very sad about Jake but LSP told Finn that he and Jake always win. This made Finn feel better and at that moment he vowed to get Jake back and he and LSP went up the skyhooks, back to the Cloud Kingdom.


Major characters

Minor characters


Cultural references

Episode connections

  • The title card from this episode is similar to the one from "Love Games."
  • Abracadaniel seems to have escaped from being frozen in Ice King's basement since "Friends Forever."
  • The raccoon in LSP's skating team seems to be the same one that terrorized her in "Be Sweet."
  • This episode follows the trend of Jake dying as seen in "Sons of Mars," "The New Frontier," and "Ghost Fly."

Storyline analysis

  • Jake is absorbed into Slime Princess at the end of this episode and is not seen again until the end of Elements.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is unable to be absorbed by Slime Princess, foreshadowing the future reveal of Lumps being an anti-element in "Skyhooks II."
    • This also explains why Finn was not absorbed because he was near LSP when she was acting very angry which is her "lumpiness."

Production notes

  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.




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